Tim Spencer

Tim Spencer

Clinical Mental Health Counselor In-Training

My therapeutical philosophy is that everyone has experienced trauma to some degree in their lives and in most cases, counseling is a crucial part of processing those experiences.  My primary goal is to listen to you and view your life from your perspective while working to adjust the lens of your view until you start to see the positives in your story a little more clearly. It is my pleasure to work with a variety of individuals from all backgrounds who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship difficulties, addictions, adjusting to life circumstances, and PTSD.  

Just as every client is unique, so is every counselor. In our sessions, we will walk together to view your life up to this point and discover how your goals for mental wellness can be achieved. After that, we will work to form a process that will empower you to move forward on the path towards your desired outcomes.

Approaches: ACT, DBT/CBT, Client-Centered Therapy, and Adlerian

Colorado Christian University, degree in-progress

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