Roman Haas

Roman Haas

Pre-Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Prior to returning to school for mental health counseling, I spent five years serving individuals from diverse backgrounds with various disabilities. I worked in vocational rehabilitation offering counseling and guidance to support individuals in addressing their barriers to employment. I’ve developed my interpersonal and therapeutic skills during my work with these individuals. 

I enjoy working with clients facing depression, life transitions, family conflict, anxiety and issues with racial identity and a variety of challenges the LGBTQ+ community faces. I am a believer in unlearning the unhelpful narratives of who we are by sorting through the images of trauma, finding the irrational beliefs and negative thought patterns, and nurturing the self with unconditional acceptance.

During therapy I will help to empower you to embrace your authentic self and increase your feelings of self-worth. 

During my free time I love spending time with my wife and adult children, working out, exploring different cultures, and continuously learning about social justice. 

My approaches: CBT, DBT, REBT, Reality Therapy, Gestalt 

Adams State University, MA degree in-progress

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